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St Patrick’s College has both a legal and moral obligation to provide an environment which is safe for all who enter the College property. St Patrick’s College is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all in its community. This obligation is enshrined in the College’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy (OH&S).
St Patrick’s College further has a responsibility to provide adequate First Aid facilities, practices and procedures in the event of a member of its community sustaining an injury or illness.
On a College weekday, if a Boarding student is displaying symptoms of illness in the morning, Housemasters are instructed to send the student to the College First Aid room. Boarding students are asked to take themselves to First Aid if they become ill during the day. Contact is then made with the First Aid Officer, who will then assess and, in consultation with the Boarder and their family, determine the best course of action. If it is decided that the Boarder requires bed rest, they will be supervised in the Boarding Precinct either in their own room or resting in the Medical Wing. Contact will be made with the Boarder early the next morning to reassess their symptoms.
In the case where a Boarder’s symptoms are more severe, a same day appointment will be organised with the Health First Medical Centre in Doveton Street, Ballarat. The Boarder will be accompanied to their appointment to ensure that the diagnosis and treatment is understood. House masters will be notified of the treatment required so that it is correctly administered and the first aid Officer will ensure that the family is made aware of the diagnosis and subsequent treatment.
The indiscriminate use of pain killers such as Panadol etc by the Boarders independent of the knowledge of the first aid Liaison Officer or their Housemaster is actively discouraged. All medicines taken by individual Boarders are to be known so that an accurate record of quantities and timing is maintained. On no account will a boarder give any of his companions any medicine whatsoever. Panadol etc will only be administered once parental consent has been received.
If illness or injury occurs during the weekend, a Housemaster will consult with the Boarder and family and determine the best course of action.
All appointments including with doctors, physiotherapists and orthodontists are made by a Housemaster. If an appointment needs to be made externally in Ballarat, it is necessary that the Housemaster is notified of the date and time so that appropriate transport to and from the appointment can be arranged. If possible, appointments will be made before or after class times to minimise the impact on the students teaching and learning time.
Boarder also have access to counselling if required through the College Counselling team. Appointments can be made directly through the Counsellor’s Office. Counsellors attend lunches weekly to check up on the Boarders and see how they are travelling.


Boarders’ safety is our paramount concern, and it is most important that common sense and a mature approach by Boarders are exhibited at all times.
Care must be exercised when in the vicinity of glassed areas. Ball games of any kind are banned in all areas except on ovals, the gymnasium and tennis court areas.
Possession of matches, aerosols, gas or fuel lighters are banned.
Care is to be exercised in residences when using electrical appliances. Housemasters must be immediately advised of any fault which may be discovered in a residency. Boarders are not to attempt to rectify any electrical problem.
Appropriate footwear must be worn in the Boarding Precinct at all times.
Helmets must be worn when riding bicycles. Climbing on to any roofline is dangerous and is not permitted at any time.
When travelling in College vehicles, Boarders are to be seated, with seatbelts fastened, at all times whilst vehicles are moving. Vehicle driver/supervisor is responsible for all passengers and instructions issued must be followed at all times.